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So, despite the fact that I have been a mediocre blogger for the past few years (the last time I wrote a blog entry for this account was in May, and before that the posting was sporadic at best), I have decided to sign up for blogger. This is mainly spurred on by the decision to complete the Day Zero challenge (complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days!) and wanting a somewhat different format than what I have with livejournal. I'm hoping that the challenge, and maybe the new space, will encourage me to blog more often and consistently. I'll still keep my lj account open and possibly post "friends-only" material that I don't want on blogger, and also still read my friends feed.  The address for my new blog is:, so feel free to read!
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Swallowtail Shawl

After about 5 months, I finally finished the Swallowtail Shawl! (Granted, about 2 months in the middle I just stopped knitting, but this still took quite some time). I've shared several of my large scale lace projects in the past, and looking back at them I think my knitting has really improved over the past several years! The major difference in this lace project than all the other ones I've knit, is that this is the first one I'm actually keeping for myself. I really love it, (even though after wearing it a few times I think I prefer rectangular stoles) and took way too many photos.

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Why I love my CSA

Two words: elephant garlic

How awesome is that?! And, here's a picture of my take-home this week:

Beets, elephant garlic, green onions, eggplant, oranges, red la soda potatoes, yukon gold potatos, and salad greens. Mmmm. This is going to be a tasty week.
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I received a very colorful bunch of radishes in my CSA share on Tuesday:

I have only previously seen the typical red radishes, and it amused me that I only had 1 of that color.

Also, we've been getting more citrus than we can eat, so I was very excited to pick up a hand juicer from the thrift store for only a few dollars.

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I had no time to make a lunch this morning, so I grabbed some easy mac & a bunch of broccoli for lunch. I chopped up the broccoli and tossed it in with the easy mac, and this was incredibly delicious. And way more filling and satisfying than easy mac alone.
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Craigslist rocks my world

As promised, here are the photos of my super awesome craigslist hutch & cart:

Seriously, how awesome are these pieces of furntiture? They are very sturdy, durable, functional, and straight out of the 70's. Plus, they match these cool chairs we got off craigslist when we first moved here:

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Photos to be coming soon...

...but I just got an amazing, canary yellow, 70's kitchen hutch with a matching microwave cart for $75 off craigslist (total for both items). 

When I went to the used furniture stores with my mom last weekend, all of the kitchen hutches we saw were over $200.  Most were around $500.

I feel awesome right now.
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New Year's Non-Resolutions

The thing about New Year's resolutions is they always focus on the negative, and what we want to change about ourselves. Screw that. I'm not going to start off the 2009 by telling myself I'm not good enough, instead I'm going to remind myself that I happen to be pretty awesome. So, I decided to set some goals for the upcoming year that celebrate my awesome-ness.

1. Apply to Graduate School If I would like to begin grad school in 2010, I have to apply by December 15th, 2009. This is even though I'm not 100% on what program I want to apply to, I am at least going to get the process started I've already taken the GRE's, and I may decide to take them again to bring up my math score. The next thing I need to do is take the GRE Psychology subject test, so I registered online and will be taking this April 4th.

2. More Fully Embrace Health at Every Size The past several months I've been reading a lot of Shapely Prose, which is a super awesome that is all about fat acceptance, body positivity and healthy living no matter what your size is. Now, I know I'm not the most overweight person out there; I'm not even in plus sized clothing. Neither am I the most slender, and I'm definitely an "apple" shape. This year, I'm not going to diet just for the sake of losing weight and fitting into someone else's standard of beauty. The first step I've taken towards this is to register for a yoga class through Tucson Parks & Rec that runs March-May. I'm really excited about this, as I've never taken a yoga class before (although I have some yoga and pilates DVD's, which I really enjoy).
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Typically, I am a very thrifty person, which is something I take pride in.  However, I wasn't expecting to get a Christmas bonus this year, so when we did, I decided to splurge on a gift to myself:

I am so in love with these earings, and I feel like a total badass when I wear them.